On March 24, 2017, K&F attorneys Greg Collins and Geoffrey Kercsmar presented a mock Markman (patent claim construction) hearing for Arizona attorneys at the Third Annual CLE in the Gardens sponsored by the Intellectual Bar Section of the Arizona State Bar.   In Markman v.  Westview Instruments, Inc., 116  S.Ct. 1384 (U.S. 1996), the United States Supreme Court held that the judge must to construe the patent claims for the jury.  Since that ruling, every case alleging patent infringement has included a Markman hearing.

The attorneys at Kercmar & Feltus have handled Markman hearings and patent litigation for their clients in federal district courts across the country. If you would like a copy of the teaching materials or if you would like to speak with Mr. Collins or Mr. Kercsmar regarding intellectual property claims, please call 480-421-1001.